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Taste My Feet, Feel My Power

Taste My Feet, Feel My Power The split logs slowly crackled, the flames dancing gingerly, causing a flickering light around the room. She sat before the fireplace in her favorite chair, the most comfortable one she’d ever known. Sleek legs stretched out before her and a glass of whiskey in her hand, every now andContinue reading “Taste My Feet, Feel My Power”

We Read It So You Don’t Have To: A Review of Story of O by Anne Deslos

We Read It So You Don’t Have To: A Review of Story of O by Anne Desclos The Story of O was published anonymously in 1954. The story is a series of love letters, but these aren’t your ordinary love letters. Nowhere does the author say, ‘Roses are red, violets are blue,’ though if she did, most assuredly it wouldContinue reading “We Read It So You Don’t Have To: A Review of Story of O by Anne Deslos”


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